A World-Class Institution

The Academy Experience

The Academy convenes the very best in higher Civil Service training and capacity building at its sprawling campuses-Charleville, Glenmire and Indira Bhawan- in the salubrious and pristine climes of Mussoorie.

Participant take advantage of a vibrant campus life, competent faculty and the best of infrastructure facilities for interactive learning to develop the requisite professional competencies, skills and attitudes necessary for a career in public service.

The Academy Advantage

Compared with other leading global service training centers such as Sunningdale, Sandhurst Military Academy in the United Kingdom, Ecole National’ in Paris, and West Point in the United States, the Academy is uniquely positioned in that it combines” all Souls college with a mechanics workshop.”

The Academy weds theory and practice. It offers participants-new recruits and those availing post-entry level/mid-career training in the higher civil services- an opportunity to deliberate on challenges and opportunities for good governance, share and explore new frameworks for improving public policy formulation and public services delivery, shape attitudes, upgrade professional skills and competencies and enable them to be the leaders of tomorrow. While the training curriculum is extensive and need-based, the pedagogy is equally diverse and interactive.

The faculty comprises carefully chosen practitioners from across the Civil Services in India with distinctive professional accomplishments, leading academics and eminent visitors. They are scholar-practitioners with the responsibility to asses training needs, design curriculum and identify pedagogy and deliver programmes.

The Academy is unique in its ability to draw out specialists from the non-government and private sectors in addition to those from leading global institutions to supplement the efforts of the in-house faculty. As a result, it has emerged as a hub for learning and exchange of ideas from within and outside the Government.

The Academy has distinguished alumni. They include Vice-Presidents, Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Heads of the Civil Services at the Union and the States, Ambassadors, Police Chiefs, environment and forest conservationists and others, who without much public visibility for fanfare, are engaged in the task of delivering the vision of’ an inclusive and developed India’ with unflinching commitment and absolute dedication.

The Academy is committed toward building an effective, efficient, responsive and accountable civil service characterized by integrity in thought and action.

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