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The Academy (December 2014) Vol.5 Issue-11

A time to bid adieu and ring in the new, as the year edged to a close, so did the academic calendar at the Academy. The 89th Foundation Course (FC) picked up a frenetic pace of activities with the cultural evenings and the rush of last minute lunches and


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The Academy (November 2014) Vol.5 Issue-10

The month of November began in the Academy with the Officer Trainees of 89th Foundation Course leaving for their week long village visit. On their return, the Officer Trainees immersed themselves in preparations for India Day which was a spectacular event


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The Academy (October 2014) Vol.5 Issue-9

October is my favourite month in Mussoorie and in the Academy. The skies clear up with almost no rain, sun shines brightly and cheerfully from behind the mountain ranges. And even though, it begins to get cooler, it is early autumn and winter still seems


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The Academy (September 2014) Vol.5 Issue-8

September is a special month as it welcomes the Officer Trainees of the Foundation Course which is in more way than one the raison d’etre of the Academy. Foundation Course is one of the longest and the most intensive training programme run by the Academy.


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The Academy (August 2014) Vol.5 Issue-7

The wet spell continued in August with thunder and rain lashing the mountains with a great measure of fury. However, this did not prevent August from being an eventful month. The Academy bid fond fare thee well to the Officer Trainees of the Phase II IAS


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The Academy (July 2014) Vol.5 Issue-6

If one could describe July in one word, it would be wet. The skies opened up with non-stop rain spells with raindrops of different sizes and sounds. It is a calming experience to close your eyes and listen to the sound of falling rain. Many songs and poem


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The Academy (June 2014) Vol.5 Issue-5

In the month of June, the Academy bid a fond hasta la vista to its Phase-1 Officer Trainees who left for their district training. In this component of the training, they will be able to make connections with what they have learned at the Academy and what


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The Academy (May 2014) Vol.5 Issue-4

Summer arrived in Mussoorie after a long wait and after playing hide and seek for sometime. Academy and its surroundings are awash with fresh blooms of vibrant hues. Living in the mountains, one realises the beauty of each and every season as they hav


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